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Reproductive &
Abortion Health

HB 115: Updating Parentage Laws for the Sake of our Kids | Prime Sponsor: Daniel Miller (D-Allegheny)
HB 469: Shackling of Incarcerated Pregnant Individuals | Prime Sponsor: Mary Jo Daley (D-Montco)
HB 1419: Reforms for Incarcerated Women | Prime Sponsor: Mike Jones (R-York)
HB 1494: Shackling of Incarcerated Pregnant Individuals | Prime Sponsor: Mary Jo Daley (D-Montco)
SB 138: Dignity and Safety for Incarcerated Women | Prime Sponsor: Camera Bartolotta (R-Washington)
SB 353: Access to Contraceptives for Women | Prime Sponsor: Judy Schwank (D-Berks)
SB 577: Maternal Profiling | Prime Sponsor: Judy Schwank (D-Berks)
SB 602: The Pennsylvania Menstrual Equity Act | Prime Sponsor: Maria Collett (D-Moncto)

Sex & 
Gender Discrimination

Domestic & 
Sexual Violence

Workplace Equality

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