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Reproductive &
Abortion Health

SB 617: Pennsylvania Family Medical Leave Act | Prime Sponsor: Christine Tartaglione (D-Phila)
SB 716: Workplace Accommodation for Pregnant Persons
| Prime Sponsor: Amanda Cappelletti (D-Montco)
SB 746: Extending Family Medical Leave Act Coverage to Domestic Partnerships | Prime Sponsor: Jay Costa (D-Allegheny)
HB 641 Family Medical Leave for Pennsylvanians | Prime Sponsor: Christina Sappey (D-Chester)
HB 788: Paid Family Leave Act | Prime Sponsor: Tim Briggs (D-Montco)
HB 1200: The Family Care Act | Prime Sponsor: Wendi Thomas (R-Bucks)
HB 1739: Nursing Mothers Workplace Accommodations | Prime Sponsor: Mary Jo Daley (D-Montco)
HB 1807: Pregnant, Lactating, and Parenting Pupils Protection | Prime Sponsor: Mary Isaacson (D-Montco)

Sex & 
Gender Discrimination

Domestic & 
Sexual Violence

Workplace Equality

Other Family
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